Off the Grid: A New Adventure Club for OSC students

Off the Grid-exploring Sri Lanka’s landscapes and biodiversity on foot.

Off the Grid was formed by students and faculty members in August 2017 to provide an way for the community to get out and explore Sri Lanka in a low impact manner. The idea is to have a club to promote Sri Lanka’s natural beauty on weekends and poya days for OSC community members. This activity/club will pave the way for OSC signing on to the Duke of Edinburgh program by emphasizing physical recreation and adventurous journeys. The group is looking to increase OSC’s engagement with our host nation Sri Lanka (an issue that has come up in the Endicott survey as needing improvement).

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide opportunities for the OSC community to explore and learn about Sri Lanka’s natural beauty with an emphasis on hiking, climbing and cycling and other physical recreation.

INITIAL TARGET GROUP: MYP5-DP2 students (but this would be widened to include lower grade levels)

OTG before our very first hike in the OSC neighborhood

OTG#1 Talangama Exploration

Off the Grid did a 7 km morning walk in the Pelawatte/Talangama neighborhood. We avoided main road and used little used paths as we snaked from the OSC campus to Wayne’s Junction on Hokandra road.

OTG Talangama Map
Static map from Strava showing OTG’s 7.4 km walk in the Talangama area.

Google MyMap dynamic map with embedded Strava track showing OTG’s 7.4 km walk in the Talangama area.

Students (in alphabetical order): Adrian,Amanda, Januda, Malaika, Nathan, Theo

Click on links to see student reflections on CAS blogs

OTG on the way to Martin’s Lodge in Sinharaja rainforest

OTG#2 Sinharaja Adventure

In our first overnight trip OTG visited Sinharaja Rainforest. We several short walks and then a longer hike to Moulawella Peak (700 m). Theo has created a video of this experience.

Students (in alphabetical order): Amira, Amanda, Maha, Malaika, Madeleine, Nathan, Theo, Yuki,

Click on links to see student reflections on CAS blogs

OTG on Moulawella Peak

Interactive Google MyMaps with embedded Strava hiking paths and points. The Sinharaja boundary is an imported polygon (shapefile) provided by the Sri Lanka Forest Department but is not correctly geo-referenced yet.

photos and text in this blog post copyright Ian Lockwood, High Range Photography, 2017


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